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        • Product name: Double-rod Poultry Deboner / Meat Separator / MDM Machine
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        Working Process:

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        Technical Parameters:

        Application and Usage:
        It is ideal poultry meat deboning machine for making meat paste and muddy flesh. Separate bone and meat for further making ham and sausage, meat ball and other meat food. Normally called MDM machine, deboner, chicken separator, meat separator and etc.
        Mainly used for deboning meat, which separate bones from skeleton of poultry, chicken duck, goose and fish.
        Apply to meat processing factory, meat cold storage processing, slaughtering processing factory.
        Technical Advantages:
        Adopts stainless steel for the whole machine body.
        Frequency conversion control, adjustable speed.
        Mechanical separation process consists of meat deboning, chicken frame, fruit and vegetables separation.
        Adopts advanced international deboning technology.
        Low rotation speed, small temperature rise and easy maintenance.
        Machine parts easy to unload and install.
        Calcium content in fished products lower than 0.03%, Fleshy fiber not destroyed.
        Can continuously work for 24 hour.

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