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        • Product name: Vacuum tumbler machine structure
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        Product Description
        Vacuum tumbler machine structure is compact, efficient and durable, reliable performance, help improving product quality and energy conservation, is the ideal equipment of meat processing industry.
        This machine adopts the high quality stainless steel, round sealing head rolling and kneading a large space, reasonable design, operation little noise. Blades, unique design, make circular distributed homogeneously marinade for products serface causes no damage, make the product’s tenderness and sex and appearance were improved. Computer waterproof control and computer progrom cntrol two types, users can set rolling and kneading, intermittent, put gas, vacuumm, and other functions, make the equipment is really has realized automatic respiratory function.
        This machine also has frequency conversion function, make rolling and kneading to process any adjustments.
        Technical specification

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